Bosch Opts out on Electric Car Battery Cell Production

According to Reuters (, on Feb 28, Bosch has decided not to make battery cells of its own, after investing 500 million euros in this area. As a result, Bosch has dissolved the battery joint venture LEAP (Lithium Energy and Power) it formed with GS Yuasa and Mitsubishi. The decision also puts an end on the company’s battery research – Bosch plans to sell its solid-state battery subsidiary Seeo in the US and close its battery research campus in Stuttgart (
Bosch previously was considering a 20-billion-euro investment on producing 200 MWh of battery cells annually, while would account for 20% of the market in 2030. “Given dynamic external market factors that can only be predicted with difficulty, it is unclear whether this investment would pay off for Bosch, and when,” Bosch’s statement says.
Now the company’s plan on supplying to electric cars is to manufacture battery packs with purchased cells. Meanwhile, its partnership with the fuel cell startup Nikola still seems ongoing (

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