Leading EV Manufacturer Now Builds Electric Cars with Open Source

BYD, one automaker based in China, claims the would top 1 electric car manufacturer, by selling 113,669 electric cars in 2017.
Now the company is building electric cars that allow the developers to program, according to the website EEO . Basically, users can modify codes on things like AC, sunroof, apps etc. The all-new plug-in hybrid Qin (As in the first dynasty in Chinese history) will carry such an Android system with open source. Later, the plan is to extend it more towards hardware control like brake system and sensors.
Like Apple, BYD also plans to hold a wouldwide auto developer conference.
There is a cool post online showing a totally re-programmed entertainment system in a BYD car (http://auto.sina.com.cn/mp/w/2017-05-28/detail-ifyfqqyh8801247.shtml).

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