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Telsa Gigafactory Received Grand Opening; Chevy Volt Reaches 100,000-Unit Mark in the US; Apple’s EV Project Reported to Have a New Head; Porsche is Hiring 1,400 People for Mission E


Telsa Gigafactory Received Grand Opening

Fortune reported that Tesla held the invite-only grand opening of Gigafactory on last Friday.

The factory at complete will be the largest in terms of footprint and second largest to Boeing in terms of volume. The facility itself is developed by Tesla as a giant machine, which undergoes extensive engineering to maximum density and efficiency.

Currently, 14% of the Gigafactory is operational. By 2018, the production will be able to ramp up to 50 GWh for battery packs. The full capacity will be 150 GWh.

Chevy Volt Reaches 100,000-Unit Mark in the US

According to Hybrid Cars, Chevy Volt most like has crossed this milestone of 100 thousand sales in the US in the past weekend.

Up to June, the accumulative sales of the car were 98,558 and the monthly sales were 2,000 plus/minus 100 for the past few months.

Chevy Volt is the top selling plug-in electric car in the US. Its global sales passed the 100,000-unit mark last October.

Apple’s EV Project Reported to Have a New Head

According to WSJ, Apple has assigned its senior executive Bob Mansfield to head the secret EV project dubbed Titan.

Mr. Mansfield is a highly regarded leader at Apple, having a record of bringing successful product to market including MacBook Air, iMac, iPad and Apple Watch.

The project is reported to have hundreds of engineers working on it. The target ship date is reported to have pushed to 2021 from the original 2019.

Porsche is Hiring 1,400 People for Mission E

According to Reuters, Porsche, in development of its first electric car Mission E, is needing 1,400 more people. 900 of them will be production staff, 300 will be salaried workers and 200 will be engineers.

The project has a budget of 1 billion euros and targets 2019 as ship date.

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