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Anticipated EV Startups Released First Photos of Their Cars; Top-speed Corvette C7 Electric Starts Pre-order at $750,000; $10,000 Electric Car Project is Seeking Crowdfunding


Anticipated EV Startups Released First Photos of Their Cars

EV startups Atieva and NextEV have received a lot of attention for their big plans and large investment, but are largely running in stealth mode. Now, first photos of their cars in the making are seen online.

A side view of Atieva’s first car is available on Recode. The car is named Atvus and is a 4-door sedan. The company has been testing the powertrain with a van dubbed Edna. The van can do 2.74 seconds for 0-60 mph.

NextEV is building a supercar. Its photo is available on Motor Authority. The horsepower is over 1000 and the car is capable of 0-60 mph acceleration under 3 seconds as well. Motor Authority reported that the car was developed in Germany and has been tested in the UK. The debut would be on Nov 21 in London.

NextEV 1000-HP supercar reminds one of another popular EV startup Faraday Future, which showed its 1000-HP concept supercar FFZero1 during CES 2016.

Top-speed Corvette C7 Electric Starts Pre-order at $750,000

According to Autoblog, the Maryland-based Genovation Cars plans to build 75 GXE electric cars, based on the C7 Corvette Grand Sport. The company has built GXE based on another Corvette model C6 Z06. This car owns the title of the “fastest street-legal electric vehicle”, reaching 205.6 mph.

The new GXE will possess 660 hp and 600 lb-ft of torque. It has “50/50 weight distribution” and 130 miles of electro-range. The interior will be unique for each individual car.

The reservation fee is $250,000 and the delivery will start at the end of 2019.

$10,000 Electric Car Project is Seeking Crowdfunding

According to Fortune, Storm Sondors is seeking $1million crowdfund to build a $10,000 three-wheeler electric car. Dubbed Model Sondors, the car will be good for 3 occupants. There will be three electro-ranges, i.e. 50, 100 and 200 miles. An all-wheel drive system will also be available. A prototype will be introduced in one year from the closing.

As of Oct. 15, nearly half a million has been raised. The offering is $12 per share with the minimum amount of 10 shares.

Sondors had his first crowdfunding succeed in his fat tire E-bike project where he raised $6million instead of the initial $75,000 target. Now he is the largest distributor of E-bikes in the US.

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