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Used Electric Cars Come with Low Price Tag

According to Electrek, wholesale price for used electric cars coming off lease is quite low. The 2013 Tesla S has seen as low as $31,000 and the lowest price for the 2013 FIAT 500e is $4,200.

The wholesale price is for dealers to auction the used cars. Later, these cars will be put on market. For used FIAT 500e, the market price would be around $6,500. What is unclear is the condition of these low-priced used cars. Right now, a certified pre-owned Model S usually costs more than $50,000, which includes a new warranty.

15 More Days to Buy a Tesla with Free Fast-charging

2 months ago, Tesla announced that ordering a car with free fast-charging would run until the end of 2016 and after that the company would charge fees to new customers for using supercharging service. Now, according to Fortune, the free fast-charging included new orders have been extended for another two weeks, until Jan 15.

Continental Expects Jobs to be Shifted to EV

According to Reuters, auto parts supplier Continental’s CEO Mr. Elmar Degenhart  said the company’s shift to EV would cost jobs, but new jobs related to EV would offset the lost. He also said that it was unclear yet if the number of new jobs would be bigger or smaller. About 30,000 of 218,000 people at Continental work on combustion engines. Last month the auto parts giant announced that it would spend more on the EV components in next years.

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