EVdex 0011 Clarity

  • MAKE: Honda
  • BIRTH YEAR: 2017-present
  • BIRTH PLACE: Tochigi, Japan
  • SIGHTING: Japan, California (Fuel Cell, EV, PHEV), Oregon (EV and PHEV), US (PHEV)
  • WEIGHT:9 tons (Fuel Cell) 1.8 tons (EV, PHEV)
  • SIZE (L x W x H):9m x 1.9m x 1.5m
  • TYPE: Fuel Cell, EV, PHEV
  • MSRP: Leasing at $369/mo (Fuel Cell); $199/mo (EV); $33,400 (PHEV)
  • ELECTRO RANGE: 366 miles (Fuel Cell); 89 (EV); 47 (PHEV)
  • TOTAL RANGE: 366 miles (Fuel Cell;) 89 (EV); 340 (PHEV)
  • COMBINED MPGe: 68 (Fuel Cell); 114 (EV); 42 (PHEV)
  • BATTERY SIZE: 103kW/114lbs/33L (Fuel Cell); 25.5 kWh (EV); 17 kWh (PHEV)
  • CHARGING: Fueling (Fuel Cell); Level 1 & 2 & 3 (EV); Level 1 & 2 (PHEV)
  • 0-60mph: 9 sec.
  • HORSEPOWER: 174 (Fuel Cell); 161 (EV); 103 (PHEV)

Honda Clarity is versatile – it comes with Fuel Cell, EV and PHEV powertrains. Rear Tire Cover, Front/Back Curtain Ducts emphasize aerodynamic efficiency and a sense of motion. No lack of technologies – live video of passenger side, head-up display, autopilot features etc. Clarity Fuel Cell is Honda’s Environmental Flagship, and the lease comes with $15,000 of free hydrogen fuel ($0.21/mile). Click here for hydrogen fueling station map. (https://cafcp.org/stationmap)

PHOTOS: http://hondanews.com/honda-automobiles/channels/clarity-fuel-cell-press-releases/releases/2018-honda-clarity-fuel-cell-arrives-at-select-dealerships




TO BUY: https://automobiles.honda.com/clarity-fuel-cell

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